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It was a moment

Loss and burnout can be paralyzing. But in that fog, I found a spark: my story.

After losing my mother, juggling work and home felt impossible. I had a vision, but expressing it – at work, home, or my side hustle – seemed out of reach.

Then, a turning point. I asked, "What if I did it my way?" Suddenly, my inner story felt like a gift, meant to help others.

I focused on understanding my audience's stories and needs. This attracted the right people and opportunities. Forget fancy tricks, I just shared stories that resonated.

The result? Promotions, a Yahoo News feature, and podcast invites – all fueled

by the clarity of speaking to connect instead of selling.

If you resonate with this but feel lack of support. Know you have value. I am here to guide you so that you’re seen, heard, and


Let's get clear, strategize and watch success follow.

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Storytelling that sells for you: How to attract business using your story?

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Once Upon a Brand: Spinning Stories that Stick

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From Rock Bottom to Spotlight: Embracing Your Story's Superpower

Rise and Thrive: From Words to Wealth

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Speak With Confidence

William Paterson university

Working while Black Podcast

Better Call Daddy Podcast

The ground up podcast

Yahoo News

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I am a STORYTELLER. I have the ability to shift people's perspective with stories. On stage, on camera, in person, or over coffee, I'll help you BRAND & MARKET yourself with the POWER of STORYTELLING.

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Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Executives, Creators, College Students and anyone that needs to connect their message to an audience.

what you can expect

You can expect an authenthic and welcoming experience that allows you to feel seen, heard and acknowledge. You will leave knowing that you have the ability to grow wiithin your industry and the tools to make it happen.

Below you can download the headshots you need for your event or podcast. There will also be a bio, a freebie, and all social handles. I look forward to our experience together.

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